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Tint My House (or Business)

Residential & Commercial Window Films

Architectural window films provide functional solutions to a variety of difficulties you may encounter in your home or place of business. Whether it's one room that gets hotter than the rest, a large window putting your living room on display for the neighbors, or even preventing burglary and theft - we have custom solutions for every need. With FullMoon Autoworks, our variety of films and styles cater to every issue while also adding a modern appearance to your home!

Privacy Films



These films can be fully or partially installed on windows to restrict direct visibility. With Frosted films you enjoy the benefit of natural light passing through but not a clear view. 

Suggested application: These films apply great to areas like bathrooms or closets.



These films achieve varying levels of privacy while allowing a varying degree of visibility from  inside out, depending on choice of shade.


Suggested application: These films apply well on business fronts or main level areas where you want to see out, but not have people see in.


Please note: These films work best during daylight hours only.

Comfort & Energy Films


Premium Titanium Nitride Ceramic

This is our premium ceramic window film line and is among the best on the market. With its Titanium Nitride Advanced Ceramic technology it offers some of the highest total solar energy rejected (or TSER) specs available. This is a great choice for the discerning homeowner whose energy efficiency is top priority.

Security Films


Security & Protection

Security Films are intended to prevent entry once glass is broken. While not a bulletproof film, they do provide a substantial layer of protection to any glass on which they are installed. Security films do not prevent the glass from breaking but they do hold the glass together and in place so that entry may not be granted, even in the event of a breakage. 

Contact FullMoon Autoworks at 613.608.8468 or by email at, and one of our knowledgeable team members will give you more information about our residential and commercial window films and put together your custom complimentary quote.


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