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Car Window Tinting in Ottawa

With a reputation for great customer service, obsessive attention to detail and true craftsmanship, let us be your first choice for your car window tinting and automotive protective film needs in the Ottawa area! We back all our window tint products with a lifetime warranty covering peeling, fading, and bubbling with a satisfaction guarantee or your money back. Trust your vehicle with FullMoon Autoworks, your window tinting and paint protection film (PPF) specialists! 

FullMoon Autoworks offers exceptional quality on all window tinting and PPF services, thanks to our outstanding installation team and superior products. Inside our professional facility in Orleans, our committed staff works determinedly to make sure every detail is accounted for. By utilizing the best films in the industry, we guarantee lasting quality and a longer lifespan of your window tint and PPF. Contact FullMoon Autoworks today, where we look forward to being your trusted choice for your vehicle tint or automotive protective film treatment!  

About Us
The FullMoon Difference


"If you think good design is expensive, you should see the cost of bad design" -Dr. Ralf Speth

Two main things things separate us from others, our film quality and our install quality. Cheap film and poor installs can lead to costly tint removal or chasing questionable warranty claims. We exclusively tint with reliable XPEL window films and our install quality standards are exceptional and provide peace of mind. Are all tint installs similar? Definitely not. Here's why:

1. Window Film Quality

Think of window film like a big sticker for the interior side of your automotive glass. The sun is powerful, the film installed on your vehicle must serve long-term as a lasting layer of protection while maintaining it's appearance.

Cheap window film

- fades to blue or entirely clear

- loses clarity and becomes cloudy or wavy

- has adhesive failure leading to blistering / bubbles

- delaminates and flakes off or peels

- has unreliable specifications for UV rejection and infrared heat rejection

- looks great on delivery but reveals problems later, sometimes within months

Our XPEL window film

- blocks 99% of harmful UV rays

- offers noticeably better heat rejection with ceramic film

- looks great and stays looking great

- is backed by a manufacturer warranty that, "for the lifetime of the vehicle covers discolouration, fading, bubbling, cracking, and delamination." see for more details

2. Install Quality

Installing window film is a skill (and an art) that takes many years to master. At FullMoon Autoworks window tinting is not just another service on our list, it is what we specialize in. During our installations, we are not shy to replace film as we work if debris or dirt is present. To us, achieving a clean install outweighs the additional film cost. It's why our customers choose us. What does a good vs. bad tint install look like and what can go wrong?

Poor quality installs have

- light gaps where the film does not reach correctly

- poorly cut film pieces; choppy or square corners and wavy door top edge lines

- excessive debris/dust/trash present causing specs and bubbles

- lint or hair from improper cleaning/prep

- pinch marks or crease marks from mishandling

- adhesive present from previous tint removal

- stickers left unremoved and tinted over

- scratches from tools used during installation

Our installs have

- no light gaps, the film reaches all edges

- proper cuts, using consistent and accurate XPEL computer software and plotter technology

- thorough cleaning procedures to prevent debris, hair, contamination and adhesives trapped under the film

- quality control, repeat double-checking of each window to prevent oversight

- a wide variety of specialized tools to prevent damage to the film

Below is a slideshow of some bad tint examples. Some of these tint jobs may have looked fine shortly after purchase but later revealed poor film quality. Sometimes a bargain tint job isn't always as good as it appears. Our mission is to offer a high quality install using quality products you can count on time and time again, saving our customers time and money in the long term. We offer real value.


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What an awesome place, don’t even consider going anywhere else. Service is truly amazing, no other shop is the same. I’ve personally brought 3 different vehicles here and FullMoon knocks it out of the park every time.

Ibrahim Alobedy


Erik and his team did a perfect job on the window tint and PPF the full front of our new 2021 Audi A4. The attention to detail was amazing, thanks Erik you will be seeing me again in the future. A+++

Francis Vachon

Best tint work in town. Have tinted both cars with them and have sent numerous friends and family their way. Work is always top quality and done in no time. Highly recommend.

Michele Cyr

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By Phone (Call or Text): 613.608.8468


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