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Standard and Ceramic Window Tinting in Ottawa

Window tinting is easy to come by, but finding a company with the integrity to stand behind their work can be a greater challenge. No vehicle leaves our shop without first doing a thorough inspection for any imperfections, creases, contamination, or bubbles. We back both our standard and ceramic window tinting services with a lifetime warranty. You’ll be left with a clean and worry-free tint job that doesn’t have you chasing problems. It’s our specialty!

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Standard Window Tinting

Our standard window tint option upgrades the style of your vehicle while adding a level of privacy, as well as providing much-needed protection against harmful UV rays. Our full standard tint includes all side windows and rear windows. (XPEL Prime CS)  

From $129.99 for two front doors only

From $299.99 for full vehicles


Ceramic Window Tinting 

Our ceramic window tint film is the latest technology in window tint. It offers more functionality than standard window films, as it significantly outperforms them with noticeably better heat rejection. This functional film adds comfort in the summer by keeping the interior cabin cool so you can lay off the A/C. (XPEL Prime XR)

From $199.99 for two front doors only

From $449.99 for full vehicles


Windshield Strip & Full Windshield Film

Prevent eyestrain during sunrise and sunset with an added sun strip at the top of your windshield or complete your tint job with a full windshield tint to reduce headlight glare during the night. Available in both standard and ceramic options. 

Windshield Strip


On it's own

$89.99 (Standard Film) 
$119.99 (Ceramic Film) 

When paired with other tint service (any)

$79.99 (Standard Film)

$99.99 (Ceramic Film)

Full Windshield 

From $239.99 (Standard Film) 
From $299.99 (Ceramic Film) 


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Contact FullMoon Autoworks at 613.608.8468 or by email at, and one of our knowledgeable and friendly team members will help you make an appointment for one of our standard or ceramic window tinting services in Ottawa.  


By Phone (Call or Text): 613.608.8468


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